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6 $6000 + 25FS 180+ GET BONUS
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8 $400 + 200 FS 350+ GET BONUS
9 C$1000+100 FS 1300+ GET BONUS
10 C$1500+140 FS 1000+ 95.90% GET BONUS
11 $1,200 1400+ 98.1 GET BONUS
12 $150+25FS 400+ GET BONUS
13 $200 152+ GET BONUS
14 $1200 + 100 FS 1296+ GET BONUS
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With the advent of the Internet, it has become popular to play online games without downloading. It is now even easier to get a portion of pleasure and cheer up. You no longer need to download large clients and wait for installation. You just need to open your browser, decide on the genre and in a few seconds you will be transported to the virtual world with live communication, modern graphics, a variety of content and a lot of entertainment, free casino games no download or registration. Choose a game from the list and enjoy the gameplay!

Browser MMORPGs

You can play for free on a PC not only in simple games. We have presented the most popular and new role-playing projects. If you dream of exploits and glorious battles – RPG is your choice. Before you go on a dangerous journey, you need to decide on the hero. You can transform into a warrior, magician, archer, assassin. You have to exterminate monsters, develop your character, and participate in interesting events. Here are the main benefits:

  • Colorful worlds consisting of dozens and hundreds of locations;
  • Many spectacular abilities, full of special effects;
  • New dungeons, tasks are constantly appearing, events are launched;
  • ynamic battles against other players.

Choose a game from the list and you will have a chance to become famous, break into the rating table and make real friends.

Soul Sword

Soul Sword – Action RPG with three-dimensional graphics and an interesting story about two swords, 4 heroes and monsters hunting them across the vastness of a fantasy world.

The story of the game tells about the once existing most common Sword of Temptation. However, time has endowed him with hatred, instilling in him an evil demon soul, the origin of which remains unknown to this day. Each new owner of this sword, went crazy with its power, ceasing to control his mind. The sword began to carry only pain and destruction, leaving nothing alive and swallowing the world into darkness, free online casino games no download.

Then, one of the kings, decided to sacrifice his life to create the Soul Sword – the only weapon capable of resisting the demon inside the Sword of Temptation and giving hope for salvation to all inhabitants of the Soul Sword universe. The Sword of Temptation itself was gaining more and more power and over time was able to transform into various objects. One day, he appeared in the guise of twin blades aboard a ship. The captain of this ship was absorbed by this sword and began to destroy everyone in its path. It was then that the Holy Warrior appeared, who managed to master the smallest of the two blades. From that moment on, the fight for swords began!

Are you ready to fight for the power hiding within the swords of the Soul Sword universe? Then start playing this mesmerizing Action-RPG and become a part of its history!

All players are waiting for:

Beautiful three-dimensional graphics, vivid special effects and a unique plot of the world of Soul Sword will not leave you indifferent!
Four characters to choose from: Knight Siegfried and his dark reflection – Nightmare, warrior Ivy and clown Tyra, free online casino games for fun no download.
Increase your hero’s power by marrying other players!
Many different costumes, each of which will make your hero unique, as well as give a certain set of characteristics!
PvP battles in 1v1 format, as well as cross-server battles!
A wide variety of locations! Plunge into a world of adventure, friendly guilds, sinister dungeons and icy wastelands – all this is Soul Sword!


Teamtop Game and CreaGames have announced the beginning of a beta test of their new project called Dragon Knight 2. It is a direct continuation of the first part of the game, which has earned popularity among many players. In the game Dragon Knight 2, which you can play for free soon, magic and dragons, well known to all fans, are revealed in a new way, free online casino no download.

While the game is in the stage of closed beta testing, but there is no special selection – anyone can start playing Dragon Knight 2. To do this, you just need to go to the official website of the game, go through a simple registration procedure, and then apply for participation in beta testing.

Work on bugs

As stated in the official review of Dragon Knight 2, released by the developers on the eve of the release, the game is the fruit of a long and painstaking work on all the bugs and shortcomings inherent in the previous version. The developers said that they tried to take into account not only the latest trends in the gaming industry, but also the numerous criticism and claims of the players themselves. In short, Dragon Knight 2 is not just a new project, but a grandiose “correction of mistakes”, simply doomed to success.

Colorful fantasy world

Like the previous part, the project is aimed at fantasy fans, free casino games no download. Dragons and magic are fully present here, well-developed fights with swords and other weapons – in general, everything that is necessary for a high-quality and good MMORPG project. Naturally, like many Asian online games, Dragon Knight 2 has special effects, but the developers have listened to the criticism of the players and reduced their number. More precisely, they made them less eye-catching and more restrained – now the explosions from fireballs do not burn out the player’s eyes, blinding and closing the game screen for a few moments, everything is enough in moderation and within limits.


As for everything else, the developers promise an even more interesting system of PvP battles, many instances and locations with various monsters, a huge amount of all kinds of equipment, and so on. The system of pets and mounts has been significantly overhauled. Now they will acquire many useful skills and will be able to help more significantly in battles. Moreover, the developers promise that you can indeed tame and ride a real dragon, with which you will become a real dragon knight. In general, the world of Dragon Knight 2 is waiting for you, free casino slots no download .