Online casinos that support the Swiss Franc (CHF)

In Switzerland, gambling was legalized only ten years ago. Today, it is strictly regulated, which means that both gambling establishments and customers are protected. Such a positive situation in the field has led to the popularization of casinos in the country. This also applies to online gambling.

A large number of Swiss people spend their time trying their luck online. Accordingly, their currency, the franc, is also popular. A relatively large number of casinos offer the opportunity to play for real money in Switzerland. If you are a franc holder, you can use them to play at one of the casinos listed below.

Rating of casinos accepting Swiss francs

If you want to choose a gambling establishment yourself, follow certain recommendations. Swiss franc is a currency that is supported by major European casinos, so you have a great opportunity to play in them. And this means a decent service, guarantees, and support at all stages of cooperation with the company.

Initially, you should check the legality of the institution’s activities. Find information about its license, which should be posted on the site. If there is no data available, spend some of your time talking to the administration representative.

After that, evaluate the payment systems that you can use to deposit funds. We recommend using well-known global payment systems: PayPal, Scrill, and others. Find out the percentage of commission that the casino reserves for using Swiss francs. If the commission is too high, find another place to play. If everything suits you in the conditions-have a nice game!

General information about the Swiss franc

The franc is the main currency in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Traders often refer to this currency as “suissi”. Franc banknotes are issued by the central bank. Coins are also made by the mint.

The franc was introduced to Switzerland in 1850. In total, there were eight complete series of issues of the corresponding banknotes. In 2016, the 9th series was launched: at this time, a new banknote with a face value of 50 francs was introduced in everyday life. In many countries, the franc is used as a reserve currency due to its stability. In addition, it is an international means of paying fees and duties.