The Moldovan Leu is a currency that is actually not in demand outside the borders of Moldova. However, local players like it, and they like the opportunity that some casinos provide for online gambling. Since it lacks the stability of major currencies, it is especially beneficial for players not to have to worry about market movements and currency volatility.

Moldovan gamblers who wish to make deposits and place bets in their own national currency, first of all, need to find casinos that serve them. Almost all of those who have Moldova in the list of applicable states do not support the Moldovan leu. Players can only use Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds Sterling to make deposits and use funds for gambling. This is a small cost representing the currency exchange fees charged by casinos and banking institutions.

Players who are unwavering in opening an account in an online casino where they are not allowed to place bets in MDL will have to accept these costs. The conversion fee is charged automatically, and the fee charged must be reflected in the bank statement. However, this is not the worst thing that can happen, it can still be frustrating to start with the least amount of money from the very beginning. As a result, these savings made in online casinos with Moldovan levs will increase your bankroll.