Online casinos that support the Romanian Leu (RON)

Romania is an example of a State where gambling is regulated almost perfectly. The operators ‘ activities are as transparent as possible, and the budget receives large tax revenues every year. According to statistics, gambling is one of the largest areas of activity in Romania. In 2015, it brought the state treasury 269 million euros. Due to the large” weight ” of Romania in the field of gambling, the country’s currency, the leu, is also popular. If you are the owner of such money, you can easily use it when spending time at the casino.

About playing at the Romanian Lei casino

The list of available establishments is affected by the general prevalence of this currency in the world. Yes, it is not as influential as the same dollar, euro or even the Norwegian krone, so there are not as many options available as we would like. However, this has its own advantage: a small list of available casinos allows you to spend more time studying each of them. If you don’t want to search for a casino that accepts Romanian lei on your own, please use the list below. We have collected for you high-quality establishments that have a good reputation among players.

If you want to make a choice yourself, create a small checklist: license, payment systems, commission, withdrawal. First, make sure that the casino has a license. To do this, you can either find information on the site, or contact the administration. Next, evaluate the list of available payment systems. Did you find a suitable item? Don’t forget to rate the commission. The Romanian leu is a specific currency, so casinos can charge a significant amount for processing transactions. The last point is withdrawal: find out if the casino also fully withdraws winnings in Romanian lei.

General information about the Romanian Leu

In the CIS countries, this currency is sometimes called the new Romanian lei. One lei consists of 100 baths. The history of this money dates back to the 17th century. It was then that money from the Netherlands came to Romania. They had too complex a name for the locals, so they were simply called “ley”. Thus, the name was fixed for further currencies of the state, reaching our days. The smallest denomination of Romanian money is 1, the largest – 500. Banknotes are made of a thin polymer that is difficult to tear or crumple. In addition, the bills do not sink in water.