AMEX The online casinos that accept American Express work with one of the most trusted brands on the planet. Founded in Buffalo, New York in 1850, Amex Amex has evolved over time to become the cornerstone of the financial industry, and its name is now synonymous with excellence and prosperity.

Customers pay an annual fee for the right to own and use such a card. As stated in the former motto of the company, “Membership has its own privileges.” Owning an American Express card is a sign of legitimacy, a symbol that you have achieved success in the adult world.

Many American Express cards are excellent credit instruments that can offer valuable service to their happy owners. But are they good for online gamblers looking for a legitimate way to make deposits?

Amex and online gambling
In 2013, Bloomberg News published an article in which a spokesman for American Express stated that the company “… does not process transactions related to online gambling.” This is odd since many casinos claim on their websites that they accept deposits through American Express.

If the company prohibits such transactions, then why do various online casinos continue to offer Amex as a deposit option?

Most likely answers:

  • Amex payments are ONLY accepted from players outside the US
  • Only limited payments are accepted through Amex
  • Casinos improperly advertise American Express as a payment method

However, I can hardly believe that casinos would waste their time mentioning a deposit method that does not work at all. This is a translation of the time of both the player and the operator. In addition, a confused client may decide to play elsewhere.

There is a possibility that in this way some dubious casinos are trying to get your credit information for their fraudulent purposes; then they don’t care which card brand you use. However, this is unlikely to be practiced, because the guardians of the industry will quickly expose such actions, and the operator will be blacklisted.

Most likely, American Express was talking about not doing business in the American market.

The most reasonable explanation is this: gambling establishments in other countries process only a few payments through American Express. Obtaining such a card is sometimes difficult, but using it for casino deposits can be even more difficult due to the clearly negative attitude of the corporation towards online games.