Debit Cards


Nowadays, debit cards are starting to bypass credit cards in popularity. According to statistics, every day only European banks issue 50 thousand Visa Debit cards. Our Visa Debit review will show the reasons for the popularity of this payment method and the peculiarities of its use in online casinos.

In the online casino, Visa Debit is a convenient means of payment for many players. In turn, many online casinos, primarily European ones, have tried to include Visa Debit in their arsenal of payment methods, although the Visa credit card remains the leading means of payment. Online casinos using Visa Debit are rarely located in the USA, as the financial legislation of this country imposes some restrictions on the use of Visa Debit in casinos. Debit card Visa Debit is tied to your bank account, but the amount on it is fixed, which allows you to avoid unexpected cost overruns. Among the other parameters for which visitors of online casinos choose it are speed (since financial transactions with a Visa Debit card are carried out in real time) and ease of use (to use the online casino Visa Debit, it is enough to know the information it contains).

If you want to use the Visa Debit card as a payment method in an online casino, then you will need to select this item from the proposed options, and then enter your card details: owner’s name, card number, expiration date and in some cases also special three-digit code CVV2. Players may have understandable concerns about the need to provide complete card details to online casinos. In fact, this can only be dangerous if you are in an online casino with a low rating and negative reviews.

Reliable online casinos use the same encrypted transfer of personal information as the banks themselves.
So there is only one way to protect yourself from data leakage about your card: do not use the services of unverified virtual casinos.

Another tip that we would like to give: check whether a particular online casino allows you to withdraw your winnings using a Visa Debit card, or offers to use it exclusively for making a deposit. Therefore, if you want to use Visa Debit in the online casino both for replenishing your account and for withdrawing funds, find out in advance whether your chosen institution allows you to do this. If you are convinced that the online casino you are interested in allows you to withdraw your winnings to a Visa Debit card, then keep in mind that you may be asked to prove that the card really belongs to you. To do this, it will be enough to send a copy of the identity document to the representatives of the online casino. As you can see, this procedure is not difficult, but postpones the payment of your winnings a little.

All major Russian banks offer their clients the opportunity to apply for a Visa Debit debit card. You can get information on the rules of registration and conditions for using Visa Debit cards on the website of authorized banks or directly at their branches.

You can see the list of online casinos using Visa Debit under our review.

The advantages of using Visa Electron in the online casino are the high speed of crediting funds to the account, simplicity and ease of use, the ability to withdraw winnings.

The disadvantages are the lack of anonymity and the less prevalence of Visa Debit in online casinos as the classic Visa card.