Casinos that accept deposits via ecoPayz

This payment system offers the same functions as the more popular YandexMoney, WebMoney and their analogues in the CIS. You can use ecoPayz without any special restrictions, and not only pay online, but also order a plastic card and pay with it, for example, in a supermarket. This PS is also suitable for adding funds to your casino account.

The PS was established in 2000, initially created as an international one, and operates in all countries of the world. You can add funds to your account in several dozen fiat currencies, and the commission is small. Brief information about the payment system:

  • transfers within the system are not subject to commission. When withdrawing money to the card and making deposits using certain methods, a commission is charged, its amount depends on the status of the client’s account;
  • customer accounts are divided into 4 categories. Depending on the status, the account’s capabilities also depend. For example, at the initial level (Classic), they do not even allow you to withdraw money to a bank account. An entry-level account is only good for irregular purchases. If you plan to use ecoPayz regularly, it is better to raise its status to at least Silver. To do this, you just need to send scans of documents;
  • it is possible to issue plastic cards. Moreover, they can be both real and virtual. The first ones are suitable for paying for household purchases, while the virtual ones are a great option for online purchases. Not all sites support working with ecoPayz. You can always use your bank card to pay for your purchase;
  • ecoPayz does not have any additional requirements and restrictions in relation to the online casino, so you can add funds to your account without being afraid that the money will not reach it;
  • the site is fully translated into Russian;
  • you can link regular bank cards to your account;
  • you can not only send money to your casino account, but also withdraw money from the casino to your ecoPayz wallet;
  • when depositing funds to your casino account, your personal information is not disclosed. In other words, when making a payment in favor of the casino and when withdrawing funds, the casino sees only your wallet number, full name and other data are not displayed.

It is convenient that many currencies are supported. You can open an account in the same currency that is used in the casino and avoid additional conversions due to this.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strengths of this payment system include::

  • large number of supported currencies;
  • anonymity;
  • instant money transfer and transaction security;
  • ability to issue plastic cards linked to your wallet;
  • small commissions.

There are not so many disadvantages:

  • an entry-level account lacks a number of features;
  • ecoPayz is not supported in all countries;
  • a relatively small number of casinos support this method of depositing funds.

In principle, if ecoPayz is not one of the deposit methods, you can try to top up your account with a bank card if you have one. So if you actively use this payment system, then you can find a way out.

How to top up your account, which casinos accept money with ecoPayz

This page contains all reliable online casinos that accept deposits through this payment system. In the right part, select the appropriate item and the search will show all the casinos that allow you to top up your account in this way.

As for the replenishment process itself, it is performed as follows::

  • on the casino’s website, select the appropriate method from the general list;
  • set the deposit amount in the account currency;
  • click “Make a deposit” and then you will be redirected to the payment system’s website. You will need to log in to it and confirm the payment. In other words, you will not need to enter data on third-party sites. This ensures maximum security.

If you are not yet registered in any payment system and are just choosing, then you should take a closer look at ecoPayz. But only if it works in your country and the selected casino supports this deposit method. So be sure to clarify these questions before registering.

Otherwise, the payment system is good, there are no pitfalls here. So the only limitation is the relatively small number of casinos that support it.