Casinos that accept deposits with EntroPay

This is not an ordinary payment system, but rather a virtual analog of the Visa and MasterCard cards. EntroPay offers the same features as a real plastic card, but it allows you to make purchases anonymously, and it can also be used to buy credits on casino sites. But despite the external similarity, there are still differences compared to a regular Visa card.

Entropay was founded in 2000 in Malta. All virtual cards are issued by Valletta Bank, the main financial institution in Malta. The head office is located in London, which means that the system is subject to fairly strict rules of the British regulator FCA.

Please note that in order to work with the payment system, you will need a bank account. After issuing a virtual card, it is replenished from a regular bank account.

Among the features of the payment system, we note:

  • payment security;
  • ability to convert currencies in the same way as you can do in a regular bank;
  • you can use these cards in the same way as regular bank plastic.;
  • there are rather big commissions here, for example, when depositing funds to your account, be prepared to pay 4.95% of the deposited amount if you top up your card with a regular credit card or debit plastic.

Entropay is usually chosen by those who, for some reason, do not want to “shine” their real card data on the network.

Advantages and disadvantages of the payment system

Entropay has many advantages:

  • you get protection from hacking your bank account by intruders. Even if hackers manage to gain access to the Entropay card, they will not be able to reset your bank account. The maximum that can be done is to steal money from the virtual card. People usually don’t keep all their money on it;
  • transaction speed – according to these criteria, replenishment does not differ from transferring funds from a regular bank plastic card;
  • you can withdraw money from the casino using the same method, i.e. to an Entropay card;
  • the card is prepaid, which means that there is no such thing as a credit limit at all. For gamblers, this is rather a plus, the balance on the card will be a natural limiter in case of loss. This will prevent you from entering a major negative area;
  • opening an account in the system is very simple, there are no restrictions on geography, just have a bank account. The main page says that you can open an Entropay account within a minute, and this is true.

Among the disadvantages, we will highlight:

  • relatively high commission costs. For example, when you top it up with regular plastic, you lose almost 5% of the amount out of the blue. If you add to this the subsequent commission of the casino and payment system when adding funds to your account, the total losses can reach up to 10%. This is already a serious amount;
  • when withdrawing money to Yandex. Plastic, payments are processed with a 3-day delay. During this time, a check is performed. The minimum withdrawal limit in the system itself is set at $10.

By and large, all the disadvantages are reduced to commissions and deadlines for crediting funds. They can not be called small with all the desire.

Which casinos support Entropay

As for the choice, you can search for such casinos directly on this page. On the right side of the page, we have added filters that allow you to filter the casino by a variety of criteria. We are interested in a filter based on the deposit method. In it, select the name of the payment system and a list of casinos that support this method will be displayed in the center.

When adding funds to your account, you need to:

  • select the appropriate system in the deposit menu;
  • Next, you will need to enter your Entropay card details. Just keep in mind that you need to choose the Visa or MasterCard payment system.;
  • confirm the payment on the Entropay website and the money is instantly credited to your account. Don’t forget about the commission only.

As for the number of casinos that support this deposit method, there are several dozen of them. So there should be no problems with the choice.

В отношении оправданности использования виртуальных карт Entropay скажем только, что это отличная страховка если беспокоитесь о том, чтобы злоумышленники не получили доступ к основному счету. Многие пользуются ими именно для того, чтобы добиться максимальной безопасности при оплате покупок в сети. Единственный минус – комиссия, но ее можно считать платой за повышенную надежность.