Google Pay

Many major resources offer players to conduct financial transactions using Google Pay. The basic idea is that the client binds his bank card once to a mobile device and no longer enters any data. This method is available to owners of smartphones and tablets that run on the Android platform.

How do I use Google Pay to make payments?

To get started with the payment system, you need to download the application from Google Play or download it on the official page. Next, customers should log into their Google account and add a payment method. To make a payment on the Internet, you should connect a debit or credit card as a payment method.

The conditions for the transaction are:

  • The balance should not be negative
  • Payment is made from one phone on which Google Pay is connected
  • The device must be turned on
  • The device is updated to Android OS version 5.0 and higher

The advantages of using Google Pay-method of payment are: data security, speed of work and the ability to track payments.

Payment is made by:

  • Application must be open
  • Find the “G Pay” or “Buy with G Pay” button
  • If necessary, you need to choose a payment method
  • Confirm order

To change the payment method, open Google Pay, select a payment method from the menu and click the “Change” button. For a bank card, you can edit data such as: expiration date, account holder name, address, SMS code.

Accepted payment methods are: credit and debit cards, bank accounts, PayPal. Google Play has a number of limitations in the way operations are carried out. Unable to add: Western Union, wire / bank transfers, virtual credit cards, medical savings accounts.

The player does not need to deposit additional funds, and the commission for the transfer of money is charged in the amount that the specific bank exposes for servicing the account.

How do I deposit to a casino using Google Pay?

To replenish the casino balance using the Google Pay system, the platform must support such payments. You can find out this nuance by contacting technical support or by studying the user agreement.

It also sets casino limits on balance replenishment and withdrawal of money. If a Visa or MasterCard debit card is connected to the system, usually the minimum contribution will be $ 5-10, depending on the platform itself.

To make a deposit you should:

  • Go to the official casino website
  • Go through authorization using your username and password
  • Open the “Cashier” section
  • Select a payment method Google Pay
  • Specify the amount to be paid
  • Confirm payment

Only registered casino customers who have passed account verification can make a deposit. Google Pay, as a way to verify your identity, may ask for a pin code, fingerprint, face-id or other verification method.