Casinos that accept deposits via iDeal

Under the name iDEAL, one of the many payment systems that were created to work exclusively within any one country is hidden. The iDEAL system was created in the Netherlands and works exclusively with clients of 8 Dutch banks. But despite this, the system has proved extremely popular and for several years in a row there has been a steady increase in the number of processed transactions.

Among other things, it can also be used to top up your casino account. iDEAL started working in 2005, initially it was created to facilitate working with a bank account. In other words, it would be more correct to call it not an independent payment system, but just an intermediary service through which you can pay for purchases and transfer money to other people from your bank account. Of course, this does not reduce security.

Over the years since its launch, iDEAL’s popularity has grown steadily. The number of processed transactions has increased several dozen times. Today, you can use it to pay for purchases in more than 100,000 stores around the world. Some online casinos are also among the services that accept money through iDEAL.

Among the features of iDEAL, we note:

  • ability to work with only 8 partner banks;
  • no additional commissions required;
  • a number of interesting services, for example, payment by post. Perfect for paying bills in a restaurant or coffee shop;
  • availability of the mobile version.

In the Netherlands, the iDEAL system is very popular. You can also use it outside of the Netherlands. You just need to be a client of one of the 8 iDEAL partner banks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the strengths, we note:

  • speed and security of money transfer. There is no delay. When making a payment, you confirm it. Immediately after that, the bank sends money to the banking details you specified;
  • all payments are anonymous, and you don’t enter data on third-party sites;
  • you can transfer money to bank cards and wallets of other payment systems, such as Scrill;
  • there is a mobile version;
  • recently introduced payment via QR codes, so it’s even more convenient to work;
  • you don’t need to register. Since iDEAL is not an independent payment system, you don’t need to create an account in it. It is enough that you have an account with a partner bank.

The disadvantages are typical for national payment systems that do not seek to enter the global market:

  • the main disadvantage is the need to have an account with one of the 8 Dutch banks. Only their clients can work with iDEAL;
  • you can’t withdraw money in the same way.

As for paying credits at the casino, such payments do not contradict the iDEAL rules. There are no such restrictions in the rules of partner banks either.

Which casinos accept payments via iDEAL and how to top up your account

In most online casinos, the casino commission is zero when depositing funds in this way. To make a deposit:

  • choose this method among others;
  • specify the payment amount;
  • to confirm the payment, you will be redirected to the iDEAL website. You will need to enter your bank account details there. To confirm the payment, the bank will send you an SMS message by entering it to confirm the payment. You can’t cancel it, so be careful when making a payment.

After the payment is confirmed, money is debited from the account instantly.

As for which casinos support payment via iDEAL, there are over 50 online casinos with this payment method in our database. You can see this for yourself. In the right part there is a set of filters, in the section with payment methods, select iDEAL and in the list you will see a list of casinos that support this method.


The iDEAL payment system is a great option for customers of a number of Dutch banks. Thanks to this system, they can manage their finances freely, pay for any purchases in online stores, top up their casino account, etc.The only problem is that if you do not have an account with the right bank, then you will not be able to use this system.

Hence our recommendation. If you are in the Netherlands and have opened an account with one of the right banks, then you can use iDEAL without any problems. We recommend that everyone else choose a more universal payment system.