Online casino with MasterCard withdrawal

Many online casinos offer MasterCard deposits. They are used all over the world and not only in gambling by operators, which is one of the main advantages. Even the most demanding players can easily find the perfect operators. Mastercard is a great option for deposits, simple and convenient.

How can I top up my casino account with a MasterCard?

It’s very simple. You will be asked to simply enter your card details and the money will be credited to your account. A deposit at a casino is no different from paying for any other service or product on the Internet. So you don’t have to worry. Even if something doesn’t work out for you, you can always contact the support service, which usually works around the clock. Top-up guides couldn’t be simpler:

  • Go to the casino account and go to the Cash Register section. There will be a Deposit or Top-up section.
  • From the presented options, select a bank card deposit, and then select a specific payment system.
  • In a separate window, you will see a form for filling in card details and specifying the payment amount.
  • After entering the data, click on the Continue button/Pay, after which the money instantly appears on your game balance.

As you can see, adding money to your online casino account with a MasterCard card will not be a problem. The only thing you need to take into account is that you should not trust your card details to suspicious operators. If you have any doubts about the integrity of the establishment, look for another operator. There are a lot of them, and you will definitely find a reliable casino.

The fact is that by specifying the card number, the name of the owner, the date until which it is valid and the CVV code, you give access to your money to strangers. That is, if these data fall into the hands of fraudsters, you will definitely lose your funds. So, be careful with your choice, and be sure to check the Mastercard Casino license and its reputation.

Casinos usually do not charge a commission for deposits. You will only pay the fees provided by your issuing bank. But when it comes to conclusions, check what conditions each particular institution sets. Very often, a commission of 10-15% is provided for withdrawals, if the minimum bet threshold is not reached, usually this is a turnover of x3 of the deposit amount.

Possible reasons for rejecting payments

Casinos are rarely to blame for the fact that Mastercard deposits or any other method can be canceled. Usually, problems arise on the part of issuing banks. They can reject the transaction if they consider it suspicious or not in compliance with the law. If you use a credit card, you can block the payment if the bank considers certain expenses too risky.

But if you have already contacted the casino scammers, then you are most likely just deceived that the money did not arrive. Whereas in reality, they just stole them from you. Therefore, always check the casino before adding funds to your account. It will be possible to return the money, but it will take time and nerves.

Is it legal to pay for online casino bets with a Mastercard card?

Yes, for Russian players, this is not against the law. Other countries may have their own rules. In Russia, there is a ban on organizing online casinos and conducting transactions with online gambling operators, with the exception of bookmakers licensed in the country. However, it is not forbidden to play and add funds to your account.

So you don’t have to worry about breaking the law with your deposit. However, if your casino is included in the blacklist used to block transactions, then you should not be able to pay using Russian payment methods, since deposits should be blocked at the level of Russian banks and payment systems. But this doesn’t always work.

What should I choose VISA or MasterCard?

There is one distinctive feature that is typical only for Mastercard. Very many casinos do not make withdrawals to the cards of this system. You will make the deposit without any problems, but you will need to use a different method for withdrawal. There may be different rules for this. Some operators want you to make a deposit using a new method and then be able to withdraw money there. Others do not require an additional deposit, and you just need to enter the necessary details of the new payment card.

So, always check whether the casino that accepts MasterCard deposits allows withdrawals using the same method. Because if not, you will need to know in advance what alternatives you have and whether you will be required to top up your account. Not all online casinos allow you to withdraw money to Mastercard. There are just a lot of people who practice this rule. In principle, this is the only drawback, if you compare them with VISA.

There is another point when you compare Visa and Mastercard-the billing currency. For the first system, these are US dollars, and for the second system, they are either dollars or euros, depending on the country. This is especially important for those who make large deposits and the currency of the card does not match the currency of the casino account. Then an exchange, and sometimes a double exchange, will be required.

Let’s say the billing currency is dollars, your card is in rubles, and you need euros. Then your rubles are first converted to dollars, and then they are converted to euros. You get two conversions, respectively, more losses. This should be taken into account not only for casino players who use MasterCard, but also for others.

Otherwise, there is no difference whether you choose VISA or MasterCard for online gambling. The commission, speed of operations, and security are approximately at the same level.

List of casinos with instant withdrawal to MasterCard

Gambling operators often offer this payment system. Among them, you will find both foreign establishments and those that are aimed at the Russian audience. If you have a lot of requirements, you will still find the perfect option.

Below is a list of online casinos that allow deposits from MasterCard cards. All of these are licensed operators. Each of them is accompanied by a detailed review and some of them have player reviews. You will find links to them directly in the rating provided.

On the right side of the page, there are a number of filters that you can use to exclude inappropriate options. Specify your country of residence, important developers, licenses, currencies, and languages. Mastercard is already selected in the deposit methods filter, but you can also add other payments.

Since many online casinos only accept deposits via MasterCard, you should always check whether withdrawals are possible. Ask the support service, see the information in the Yandex. Checkout section or in the terms and conditions. But in any case, you should know this before making a deposit. If you can’t do this in the same way, make sure that the operator offers alternative methods that are suitable for you.

Should I use a MasterCard credit card?

Credit cards in general are not a good idea. After all, gambling is fascinating, and the player can lose his head, and at the same time, and money, which, moreover, he does not have. You’ll have to pay for the fun. This is especially risky for beginners who are not yet aware of their ability to control the game. They only assume that they will be able to stop, but from an assumption to reality can be far away.