Casinos that accept deposits with Neosurf

A fairly popular payment system that allows you to pay for purchases online even without having a Neosurf account. You can’t call it local. You can use the payment system in many countries around the world. It can also be used to add funds to your online casino account, although it is not the most popular method.

The main purpose of the payment system is to allow customers to pay for online purchases online without having accounts in other EPS (electronic payment systems). We managed to solve this problem with the help of prepaid vouchers. The system works like this:

  • the site has a search service for nearby points where you can purchase a Neosurf voucher. They are issued only in a certain denomination, and you will not be able to purchase a voucher for any amount.;
  • on the back of the voucher there is a strip covered with a protective coating. You need to delete it, and under it there will be a 10-digit code, which is exactly what you need to pay for the purchase of goods in the online store. Neosurf is supported by more than 20,000 stores worldwide;
  • to pay for the purchase, select the appropriate deposit method and enter the same 10-digit code in the window that appears. Everything happens absolutely anonymously and as safely as possible.

Among the additional features, we note the issue of NeoCash plastic cards, they work with the payment system MasterCard. They can be used in the same way as bank cards. You don’t have to buy a voucher through a point of sale. You can also do this online via MyNeosurf, but in this case you will have to register, which means that anonymity is lost.

The voucher doesn’t burn out when you pay for an item online. If, for example, you bought a voucher for €500, but the purchase cost you €350, then the remaining €150 is still there. You can transfer it to a NeoCash card or use this balance together with another voucher to pay for another purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of the payment system

Neosurf uses an original (though not revolutionary) approach to online payments. It has both disadvantages and advantages, let’s start with its strengths:

  • complete anonymity and 100% security;
  • payments are processed instantly;
  • It is not a problem to find a point of sale for vouchers in European countries;
  • you don’t need to register unless you want to get a NeoCash card.

Among the disadvantages, we note:

  • possible high commissions. Its value depends on the seller of the voucher, as well as on whether the service where you will transfer money takes a certain percentage with this payment method.;
  • Due to the need to purchase a voucher, you cannot use Neosurf at any time of the day. Unless you stock up on vouchers in reserve;
  • Neosurf is not available in all countries. This method is convenient in Europe, but problems are already beginning to arise outside of it. You will not be able to purchase a voucher, which means that you will not be able to use the system.

Some call Neosurf a partially outdated system, and we can agree with this. We need to develop more actively and expand the geography of our work.

How to add funds to your online casino account

It all depends on how exactly you will top up your account. If you use a voucher, the scheme looks like this:

  • choose the Neosurf deposit method on the casino’s website;
  • in the window that opens, there will be a field where you need to enter the voucher code, first specifying how much you want to transfer to your account. By entering the voucher code and clicking “Pay” , you will send money to your casino account.

If you have a NeoCash card, you can use it to top up your account in the same way as with a regular bank card. In other words, you need to choose the MasterCard option in the deposit methods.

As for the withdrawal of funds, if you use a voucher, you will not be able to withdraw money in this way. If you have a card, you can withdraw money from your casino account to it in the same way as you would to a bank card.

Unfortunately, there are not many online casinos that support adding money to your casino account. A search of our database reveals only a dozen casinos that support Neosurf. However, even if this method is listed on the casino’s website, we recommend that you check whether it is really possible to make deposits via Neosurf.


Neosurf is a good payment system, it is convenient that you do not need to register and you can get a card that does not differ in functionality from a bank card. The bad news is that very few casinos support this deposit method. That is why Neosurf is unlikely to be used for buying casino credits. But if you visit Europe and play regularly, you can use a voucher, it’s simple and convenient.