Casinos that accept deposits via Neteller

Unlike regional payment systems, Neteller does not limit the geography of its operations to any one country or region. The system operates all over the world and offers fast, convenient money transfers both to other system participants and as payment for online purchases.

Neteller is also often used for depositing funds to your casino account. Most of these services support this method of depositing funds. Neteller has been operating since 1999 and can be used in more than 200 countries around the world. In some countries, the system is not available. A list of such countries can be found on the payment system’s website. Initially, Optimal Payments PLC, which offers an electronic payment service, was located in Canada.

The head office moved in 2005 and has since been located on the Isle of Man. There are also regional offices, read more about this on the website of the payment system.

Your funds are protected as much as possible. In addition to all possible levels of protection, directly during the transaction, the company stores more than 100% of all replenishment funds, unconfirmed and transferred funds in special trust accounts. That is, the safety is absolute, even in the event of any problems, the client will receive compensation.

Now Neteller is just one of the many ways to add funds to your casino account. But earlier, when online casinos first appeared, it was through this payment system that up to 80% of the total amount of deposits was made. Neteller’s internal policy does not prohibit customers from buying credits at the casino and does not impose any additional requirements.

To register, you need to:

  • fill in the fields of the standard registration form;
  • pass email verification and then get your unique phone number, which is different for all clients. Immediately after that, you can add funds to your account and pay for online purchases from your Neteller account.

We only note that to fully use the system, you will have to pass a number of additional checks. For example, you can verify your personal data or confirm your residential address. To do this, you will need to upload scanned copies of the relevant documents to the system. So if you don’t want to constantly face restrictions on money transfers, you will have to pass a number of checks.

Advantages and disadvantages of Neteller

Despite the popularity of the payment system, there are a couple of drawbacks, and let’s start with them:

  • there are restrictions, so you will have to pass additional checks to remove them;
  • in some areas, commissions are high.

There are many more advantages:

  • maximum security;
  • fast money transfer. To do this, just know the email address of the person to whom the money was sent. Moreover, you can send funds even to someone who is not a Neteller client. In this case, the system will “remember” the transfer, send a notification to the recipient’s email address, and after the recipient registers, it will transfer the money you sent to their account;
  • commissions are at the level of other payment systems, not lower, but not higher;
  • speed and anonymity of transfers. When depositing funds to your casino account, your last name and first name will not be shown anywhere;
  • there are many payment options, ranging from local payment systems to universal methods-via bank transfer or with a bank card.

We also note the good support of the payment system. This deposit method is available in more than 150 online casinos around the world.

How to top up your casino account via Neteller

You can find the casino you need on this page. In the right part, set the appropriate filter and select the casino you like in the search results. There are a lot of them, so before choosing, read reviews on them, reviews of other players.

As for the direct replenishment, it happens like this:

  • on the casino’s website, select the appropriate deposit method and enter the deposit amount;
  • now you need to log in to the payment system. Enter your email address and ID;
  • the payment is confirmed and the money is instantly credited to your account.

Please note that you can withdraw money from the casino in the same way. The commission will be in the range of 2-5%, depending on the casino’s policy.


Neteller is one of the oldest payment systems. In the old days, most of the payments to online casinos were made through it. Currently, there is no such monopoly, but the PS is still popular and supported by most casinos. If you are only choosing a payment system, we recommend that you take a closer look at Neteller. After completing the checks after registration, you will get excellent functionality and the ability to top up your account in most online casinos in the world