This payment service is designed to make it easier to work with your bank account. In other words, Trustly does not have its own internal wallet and only needs this system to remotely manage money from your bank account. This allows you to send money for online purchases almost instantly and with minimal commissions.

Trustly is a Swedish company and cannot be called a pioneer in this market. It appeared in 2008, at that time analogs already existed. Initially, this service was considered as a local system for working exclusively in the Swedish market. This is a common practice. In Europe, almost every country has its own payment systems and services focused only on the domestic market.

With the growing popularity of Trustly, it also entered the markets of other countries. At the time of preparing the review, at least 2 million documents are processed per month. The service operates in 29 European countries. To find out if the service’s functionality is supported in your country, go to the payment service’s website.

The company is regulated by the Swedish regulator SFSA. Trustly also has a license from a European payment system provider. A lot of awards also speak in favor of reliability and good reputation. For example, last year the payment service took 3rd place among European payment services at the Fintech Awards.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trustly

The set of benefits is standard for such services:

  • you can work without registration. The main thing is to remember the login details for your account. Payments are confirmed there already;
  • small commissions;
  • instant execution of payment operations. If you add funds to your casino account, the money is deposited to your casino account within a few seconds;
  • The client agreement does not restrict deposits to your casino account. On the contrary, this feature is highlighted separately on the Trustly website;
  • almost 100% security. Regardless of what and where exactly you buy, the transaction is still confirmed through the Trustly website;
  • anonymity;
  • there are mobile versions, so you are not tied to a PC, and the same functionality is available on a mobile device.

Despite the ease of use and a set of serious advantages, it was not without its drawbacks. Some of them are quite serious:

  • it doesn’t work everywhere. If you live in the EU, then there will be no problems with this – the service is supported in 29 European countries. But in Russia, for example, most banks do not work with Trustly;
  • you won’t be able to withdraw money in the same way;
  • you need a bank account with a specific bank. Not all financial institutions support working with this payment service.

A set of strengths and weaknesses typical for a payment system that started out as a local one. Although there was an entry into the international market, a number of problems related to the geography of work remained.

How does the process of adding funds to your casino account via Trustly work?

This method of adding funds to your account is well supported by online casinos. Just under a hundred casinos allow customers to deposit funds via Trustly. This can be explained by the fact that there are no problems with this payment service in Europe. You can work with it in every EU country.

To add funds to your account:

  • the appropriate deposit method is selected on the casino’s website;
  • the deposit amount is entered and after clicking on the “Pay” button, the player will be transferred to the payment service page;
  • here, using your bank account username and password, you need to log in to your account and confirm the payment. The money goes to the casino account immediately after the transaction is confirmed.

Please note that the available deposit methods on the casino’s website are selected depending on your geographical location. If you visit the site from a country where casinos are not supported, you will not see this deposit method either.


The Trustly payment service is a typical solution for working with a bank account. Its functionality is almost identical to similar solutions. You can only select the geography of work, the service operates throughout Europe, so EU residents will not experience problems with adding funds to their accounts. As for other markets, Trustly does not work on them, which is why it cannot be recommended as a universal method of adding funds to your account.