Ukash: an online casino payment system. Overview

The electronic payment system Ukash belongs to the British brand Smart Voucher Ltd., which promoted its service and distributed it in many countries of the world. Today the system is used in African and Asian countries, as well as in the CIS, it is an ideal way to make payments for those people who do not have a bank account, as well as those who want to keep their payments anonymous.

Ukash payment system is included in the list of the most convenient and simple ones that are used when making payment transactions on the Internet. Unlike many other systems, Ukash does not require complicated actions from the user – copies of passports, opening accounts or following strict rules.

To carry out transactions, you just need to register and buy a special voucher (check), with which the funds will be transferred. Each voucher has its own code, and it must be entered when paying for goods or services. Such a settlement system makes information about the user’s personal data and the state of his account inaccessible.

This is especially important for settlements in gambling establishments, where vouchers are used to replenish deposits and receive winnings. In this, the electronic payment system for Ukash casinos has surpassed many other services in terms of convenience and speed.

Note that the Ukash payment system lacks such concepts as an electronic wallet and an electronic account, where the client’s funds can be located. In addition, vouchers are paid only in the process of purchasing goods, services, and this does not require specifying personal data or the age of the client.

However, financial experts point out the need to keep both the voucher code and the amount on it secret. If the code is lost, then it is lost forever and the client’s funds, of course, will be lost. The voucher can be used for one year.

Why and how to register

It is clear that you simply cannot take a voucher of the Ukash payment system out of nowhere, so you need to go to the official website of the company and go through a very simple registration procedure, and it is not at all necessary to indicate your real name – the main thing is that the correct email address and phone number are entered in the international format.

After registering, the client can quickly and easily make purchases, convert currencies in the system, exchange Ukash funds for another electronic currency.

How to make a payment

When making payments, you just need to select “Yukash” and enter the code of the purchased voucher in the required form, indicating the amount of the payment. Payment can be made for the entire value of the voucher, but it is equally easy to post a portion of its face value.

Many casinos with Ukash do the right thing by not forbidding paying part of the voucher’s cost, because otherwise the player can simply leave the casino and go to another. But there are gambling sites that do not deal with “small things” and do not give the remaining money to the owner of the voucher, but require payment of the full amount.

By paying a partial amount of the full value of the voucher, the client receives a report to his email address and information that the code has changed to another, and now when using this voucher, you will need to enter another 19 digits.

It is worth remembering that when paying, you must enter the following values: minimum deposit amount, voucher number, full value of the voucher, partial payment amount.

It is important not to mix up and write all the amounts correctly!

The Ukash payment system allows you to combine several vouchers with small amounts into one Ukash voucher with a common denomination, you can also split the cost. But these operations will become available if the client registers in the system. In this case, currency conversion and withdrawal of funds to other payment services will become available.