Cayetano Gaming is an online casino provider owned by the famous Paddy Power company. The studio produces slot machines, but there are also some table games. All these are high-quality, interesting games. Despite the fact that the developer does not compete for the best positions in the market, it produces high-end products.

Paddy Power are not the founders of Cayetano Gaming. They only bought the studio in 2011, two years after it was launched. The interest of such a well-known brand shows that already at the beginning of its development, Cayetano showed itself as a talented developer.

The studio is based in Bulgaria. They cooperate with a considerable number of online casinos, but they remain unpopular in the Russian market. But in general, they are expanding their reach from year to year and may be widely available in casinos focused on Russia in the future.

Online Casino Games from Cayetano Gaming

The supplier presented dozens of slot machines. All slots are very different, but each one is interesting in its own way. Outwardly, all of them look great, functionally, each game has its own set from minimal features to numerous bonus rounds. One of the features of this developer’s slot machines is their ease of perception. They seem quite simple in terms of graphics, but at the same time they do not look boring.

The studio does not offer any innovative, explosive ideas, but some of the games offer creative solutions. For example, in the Money Tower slot machine, the developer embodied the idea that the player does not spin the reels, but rather takes an elevator. With each spin, he climbs higher and higher on the tower, and if he is lucky enough to get to the roof, there are big wins waiting for him.

Overall, this is a good provider with very high-quality content. And if you take into account the extravagance of the Paddy Power operator, you can expect that the games will not be boring. And these expectations are fully met.

Games from the manufacturer Cayetano

What games can please the user? The Cayetano range includes popular “card” games, bingo and poker. Fans of gambling entertainment can also use the recommended gaming platform to place bets on events in the world of sports. Constantly changing in accordance with the requirements of the time, the interests of gamers are fully taken into account, which leads to the development of entertainment that finds a positive response from customers. One of the positive aspects of choosing games from the manufacturer Cayetano will be a competent technical support service, which allows the client to contact the operator at any time and get answers to their questions. The convenience of games also lies in the fact that the user will be able to choose the way they like to replenish the deposit, get a wide range of offers regarding the choice of entertainment, and easily integrate into the platform. Cayetano also provides its customers with an exclusive service, which consists in creating customized software solutions to order. The main percentage of offers from the provider is made up of slot machines that will please the user with the presence of a large number of active lines (the standard number is 20). The design of the slots fully corresponds to the main theme chosen by the developer. Therefore, games from Cayetano will be able to captivate the gamer with the presence of non-standard graphics solutions — for example, what only creatively arranged reels of some slots are worth: they do not rotate from top to bottom, but to the side.
The slots created by Cayetano have an intuitive interface that is designed in a “Spartan” style, including only 4 function keys: “Play”, “Auto Play”, “View Payment” and “Bid”. Also, almost all slot machines contain a bright animated screen saver, which organically introduces the user to the game plot. The manufacturer Cayetano presents a large number of games where the cumulative amount of the jackpot is positioned as a bonus prize.