Cryptologic (WagerLogic)

This company is mostly known in the world under the brand name IGT-International Game Technology. The company originates from the USA, was founded quite a long time ago by the standards of the modern, fast-changing world – in 1975. Since that time, at least a hundred excellent online casino games have been created, both traditional slot machines for real casinos and virtual ones, which players can easily find in their favorite gaming establishments.

Now this company can be safely called one of the real giants of the gaming market. She settled in her time in Las Vegas, closer to those who used her products, in order to be more responsive to the needs and complaints of their market. The first priority of the company was to create numerous slot machines for modern real casinos. It was also one of the first companies to meet the process of computerization of the industry, began to produce game models in a new format, and for more than a decade has kept the bar of the highest quality in this new field. The company’s work was quickly spread around the world, and it still interacts legally with many global casinos, both famous and medium-sized, little-known. The company’s product portfolio includes almost all major game genres – video slots, table games, video poker, fixed bets, etc.

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Interestingly, the company was one of the first companies to produce gambling slots that responded to the growing interest of players in computer games. In particular, a virtual slot based on the famous computer game IceWind Dale was made, which was very popular with players, but almost unknown to the Russian market. If other companies were accustomed to trying to get in touch with Hollywood to make games based on famous movies, or with comic book vendors who owned the minds of the mass reader to make games about their superheroes, then this company was the first to pay attention to the rapidly expanding market for video games, which now consistently occupy the first place among mass entertainment.

The company is also famous for its excellent variations on the theme of different types of poker, and its poker machines can be considered regulatory for the industry since their release. In practice, it would be very difficult to make a better honest emulation of such a complex game. Players all over the world prefer to play, if not with a live person, then with the machines of this particular company