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Among gaming companies, as well as among ordinary people, there are organizations with different personalities and with different areas of development. This company is distinguished by the specific characteristics of a great design, very careful attitude to online casino slot machines. Games of this manufacturer are easily recognized by their absolutely indescribable aesthetics and emphasized attention to detail in the design and organization of the gameplay.

Also, unlike so many other companies, they pay a lot of attention to maintaining high-quality audio accompaniment to the game. Also, all games are tested by a special independent expert company iTechLab, which guarantees the highest quality of the final product and the absence of any problems with the functioning of programs after they are installed on the casino’s website. All game algorithms are also tested by independent experts.

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The company also became famous for being one of the first to organize the possibility of accepting bitcoins and other digital currencies in its slots. Bitcoin casinos are considered a very promising direction for the development of online gambling, and more and more existing establishments are switching to it. Endorphina puts a lot of effort into attracting new customers to this area. Moreover, the company even popularizes this aspect of its activities, as well as the bitcoin industry itself. Satoshi’s Secret slot machine has become one of the best games of the company and at the same time the first game dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the changes that they brought to the modern financial world in a landslide. The company is also famous for many games, although it has managed to create not so many of them during its existence. It is worth noting that most of them are devoted to some interesting myths, legends, urban legends, etc. All these themes are very well suited for creating innovative slots, implementing unexpected ideas and attracting a new generation of online casino gamblers.

Endorphina has been awarded a large number of prizes and nominations in numerous competitions for the most advanced games at many industry exhibitions or conferences. And now the company is developing rapidly, it began to release more games in a year, and at the same time it does not lose the quality of the product, only makes it more diverse.