Novomatic slot machines attract the attention of millions of players in Russia and abroad. The company’s portfolio includes legendary slot machines, including progressive jackpot machines, electronic roulette, card games, bingo and other entertainment options. The holding is very sensitive to its own reputation, so not many online casinos get the right to represent the provider on the Internet.

About the manufacturer

The history of the Austrian conglomerate began more than 40 years ago. Even before the creation of Novomatic, the Austrian Johan Graf was engaged in the sale of mechanical pinball machines and could estimate the volume of this market. At some point, the Count realized that in his country and neighboring countries, the niche with classic slot machines remains unfilled. In 1980, the entrepreneur rented a room and started developing his own slot machines. A year later, he made the first delivery of gaming equipment under the Admiral brand to European countries.

Johan Graf

Johan Graf – Founder of Novomatic
Over the next two years, the company firmly established a foothold in Switzerland, installing dozens of devices in sanatoriums in the Alps. And in 1984, it extended its influence to all the countries of Western Europe. The manufacturer offered original games and used innovative technological solutions, for example, in 1985, the company introduced the first devices with a dual screen to the market.In the late 80s, the company began to actively expand its presence in various markets. She not only sold slot machines, but also participated in the creation of gambling establishments, gradually moving East. First, the first slot machine halls appeared in Czechoslovakia and in other countries of the socialist camp. In 1990-1991, the group opened 30 representative offices in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Soon after, Novomatic machines appeared in land-based casinos in the USSR, South Africa and Asia. The first Russian casino opened in partnership with an Austrian company appeared in St. Petersburg in 1992. Initially, it was called “Neva”, then it was renamed “Admiral”.

Novomatic is a large conglomerate, within which several dozen companies work together smoothly, representing the full cycle of production and services in the field of gambling. Johan Graf is the owner of a full stake in Novomatic Group with a fortune of $ 8 billion. He is one of the 200 richest people in the world, according to Forbes, and one of the most influential businessmen in Austria. In 2008, in his homeland, he received the “Person of the Year” award.

The Group is constantly looking for new solutions for the gambling industry. Entertainment complexes are opening in Europe, where fans of slot machines and sports betting can enjoy comfortable leisure activities. Since 2011, Greentube has been developing software for online casinos. The studio reworks old titles for modern formats and releases new video slots, which immediately after release become popular among gamblers.