Rival was founded in 2005 in Cyprus, and a year later it released its first software. It turned out to be very successful, which immediately attracted a lot of attention to this company. Although Rival is much younger than its well-known competitors, such as Microgaming and Playtech, nevertheless, its products are of high quality, reliable and innovative.


All games created by Rival are beautiful and with a good soundtrack. The lobby also looks quite attractive externally. But the content of the lobby is quite modest. It has a minimum of the most necessary functions. Of course, there is a list of games divided into categories and access to the deposit, that’s basically all. Because in the settings you can only set the screen size, music volume and game speed, and in the help section there is only a description of the lobby itself and options for how to contact the support service. The rules are found in the games themselves. So first you need to start the game, and then it will become clear what you will play. Fortunately, the first download of the game is quite fast. In general, the installation process of downloaded software does not take much time. And after the first launch of the casino, the program does not download all the games to the player’s computer, which, in my opinion, is a plus. Another important point is that Rival’s software also supports working on Mac computers. You can do without installing software and play directly on the site. However, the number of available games will be smaller.


The number of games presented by Rival is rather small. There are less than a hundred of them in total. Naturally, the entire standard set is present: roulette, blackjack, slots, keno, etc. But the highlight of Rival software is the so-called i-slot games. These are interactive slots in which the winnings largely depend on the player’s actions. For example, you need to guess which container the prize is in, choose the right force of impact and the direction of impact in golf, collect an object from different parts, correctly install dynamite in the bank, break away from the chase, find the keys to the camera and many,many other interesting things. Playing games like this is really fun. I-slot takes the online casino game to a whole new level, adding originality, uniqueness and many exciting moments to it.

I want to share my experience of playing i-slot machines. The first game I tried out was Sherwood Forest Fortunes. Everyone remembers the story of the noble robber Robin Hood, who took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. So in this game you have the opportunity to do this, but you don’t need to give away everything that was taken from the slot machine, but you can safely put it in your pocket. The game turned out to be interesting and fun. It features original bonus rounds in which you need to shoot arrows, steal from the rich and fight against the treacherous sheriff of Nottingham. Naturally, for success in these games, you will receive a hard coin. The game also features free spins on the reel, the “wild” symbol and a win multiplier. In addition, there is a transition between levels, accompanied by a small story video, which makes the game even more interesting and fun.

Although Rival is much younger than its well-known competitors, such as Microgaming and Playtech, nevertheless, its products are of high quality, reliable and innovative.

The second game was a game called “Cosmic Quest-Mystery Planet”. The game takes you to a mysterious planet in a distant galaxy. So you can feel like a discoverer of uncharted space expanses. The game features free spins, which can be 10,25 or even 50. In addition, all winnings during these spins will be multiplied by 2. But the most interesting thing is ahead. After three cosmonaut symbols appear, a mini-game begins, in which everything depends only on you. To begin with, the player is asked to make a choice between a random win or take matters into their own hands and earn money themselves. Naturally, I chose the latter and the game started. A spaceship was placed at my disposal and sent on a flight. The meaning of the game is that you need to fly to the designated place without breaking the spaceship on the rocks encountered. Control is carried out from the keyboard using the arrows. I flew well the first time and got a great prize for it. In a word, this game turned out to be quite interesting and unlike ordinary slot machines.

By the way, it should be noted that i-slot games are available only in casinos operating on the Rival platform.