VIVO Gaming

Most gambling manufacturers are trying to release more video slots, knowing that many gamblers prefer slot machines. But VivoGaming, which opened in 2007, decided to do something completely different, and therefore made a bias towards card and table games. As a result, it burst into the gambling market with great success and pushed many well-known manufacturers into the background by offering users innovative products. The company assures that over 8 years of being among the best developers of gaming equipment, it has fully learned the tastes of the players and can realize all the subtleties and requirements of users. This manufacturer cooperates with well-known online casinos, because it offers them a wide selection of gambling games that are popular all over the world. The company did not miss a single day, so as not to come up with something new for its players, therefore the regular release of new, interesting and sometimes not quite ordinary slots is almost a regularity of this company.

The main specialization of VivoGaming

The most popular type of gambling entertainment from the Vivogaming manufacturer is live games, which are simultaneously gambling, interactive and in real time. The developers paid more attention to board games and card entertainment, which prevail in real casinos.

The advantages of this type of games include:

  • players can play simultaneously on several tables;
  • an interface that allows players to see how users play at their own table;
  • you can easily play additional mini-games while the normal game is running;
  • playing online, that is, downloading software is completely optional;
  • communication with the dealer;
  • the possibility of side bets.

The most famous live games are Baccarat 3D Squeeze, Multi Player Baccarat, Roulette, Live Tiger Dragon, Live Blackjack, Live Multi Window Baccarat and many more. All these games are united by the fact that they have the “live” prefix. This means that the game will not be monitored by an automaton, but by a very real dealer who will also conduct it. So, if necessary, the participant can communicate with the dealer, as well as tune in to the fact that the game will be as close as possible to the real one. But besides them, the participant can use the category “Mobile Games” and easily download the game he liked from the list of proposed entertainments to his mobile application. The manufacturer also offers players a list (about 200) of games with a random number generator, that is, video slots. Despite the fact that the company is making a greater bias in the production of board games, it does not forget about those users who like a variety of slot machines with fascinating storylines. Gaming with RNG contains slots with 3D graphics, traditional (classic) slot machines, video poker, bingo and keno and other types of lottery.

Developer features

It should be noted the high quality of Vivogaming games because the best designers of the company work on the creation of their design. They contain a maximum of animation, which makes the games similar to reality, allowing the participant to feel like a real casino even for a moment. In addition, each game from this manufacturer is distinguished by its well-thought-out and conveniently located menu, which contains the buttons necessary for playing the game. Due to the fact that a lot of attention is paid by developers to the creation of board games, their interface in general can be considered almost perfect. At the beginning of the game, each user is greeted by a virtual croupier, in the role of which is a pretty girl. No other manufacturer of gaming equipment can boast of this feature, so this company will be recognized from the first minute of loading the game. Then the participant is invited to watch a short animated video, which tells about the main theme of the game. Then the user must familiarize himself directly with the playing field on which the gameplay will unfold.

Depending on the type of game, it also has its own layout and has certain features. Having done this, the player can proceed to the determination of the game indicators and directly to the beginning of the game. Since the games of VivoGaming are mostly focused on card games, the participant must, before starting the game, study its principles and rules so that the result does not catch him by surprise. The fact that all games have a croupier, albeit a drawn one, distinguishes this company from other companies. Also, a distinctive characteristic of these games is that they all have a 3D effect, which makes the picture three-dimensional and “lively”. In addition to convenient and suitable game elements, each game of the company offers the participant a decent income if he manages to win the round. As for the themes of live games, most of them are simply focused on a certain continent (for example, there are Asian games such as “Dragon”, and there are European ones – “European Roulette”).

Thanks to the work of the most famous designers, Vivo offers to the attention of users really high-quality and competitive software, which stands out for its unique graphics, excellent sound effects. This manufacturer works only with the most popular types of gambling, such as: live games (baccarat, roulette, poker, blackjack), which, by the way, makes a special emphasis on. But in order to diversify and satisfy the desires of all its users, the company produces exciting, animated video slots based on a multifunctional interface. Thanks to this, all online casinos want to cooperate with the company, which makes it as popular as possible.