Online casino on Bitcoin

In many casinos today, you can top up your account via Bitcoin. The main advantage of this method is anonymity, which is very important for some players. Especially if we consider countries where the state actively opposes online gambling. How can I top up my casino account via Bitcoin? — To do this, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. There are different options here, and they all offer different degrees of convenience and security.

It is considered that for small amounts, online wallets, also known as browser wallets, are suitable. These are special resources that store, protect, and manage your bitcoins. It is a good option to use it as a wallet for payments, including casino deposits. Although it is not recommended to store large amounts on them.

There is no difference in which specific Bitcoin wallet you will use to make a deposit in an online casino. It will be, for example, Coinbase, Bitcoin Wallet or any other, you don’t care. The casino simply gives players the address of the wallet to which they need to transfer funds, and any of the solutions will allow you to do this.

The procedure for adding funds to your account is very simple. If you already have at least some experience with cryptocurrency, then everything will be simple and familiar.

  • In your personal account on the casino website, open the Cash Register and the Deposits section.
  • There, select Bitcoin, and then a page will open with the address to which you want to send the deposit.
  • Copy the address and go to your Bitcoin wallet. There, select Send Money and enter the address.
  • After some time, your game balance should be updated.

How long will the Bitcoin deposit be credited to the casino account?

In this case, it is impossible to talk about certain deadlines. Everything will depend on the system load and how much commission you pay. If the queue for transaction confirmation is small and you don’t pay the smallest commission, you can expect to top up your wallet in 10 minutes. Maximum deadlines can be daunting. According to some reports, this can take up to several days.

Consider possible delays when making a deposit and don’t worry ahead of time. The main thing is to choose reliable operators so that you know for sure that if your balance has not been replenished yet, it is not because money was stolen from you. The online casino itself can do nothing to speed up your deposit via Bitcoin. So all you have to do is wait.

Of course, the terms are not the most favorable, but if you compare it with bank transfers, this option will seem better. Although e-wallets and bank cards will allow you to start the game almost immediately.

Where can I top up my account via Bitcoin?

There are quite a few casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits. You can choose an operator that is focused on the Russian or Western market, with the games you need and attractive bonus offers. Below is a list of options that you can choose from.

This list includes only licensed operators. But, despite the fact that all these are legal casinos, there is a difference in level. So find out as much as you can about the place that you think is right for you. To do this, each of the casinos presented below has links to a detailed review and player reviews. The rating assigned to establishments is calculated by an algorithm and is as objective as possible.

In the right menu, you can select the characteristics of the Bitcoin casino that you are looking for. This may include the availability of other payment methods, the currency of the site, the language, certain licenses and software. By setting your own requirements, you reduce the number of results, so it’s easier for you to choose.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of any cryptocurrency is anonymity. Here you can do without any personal information, there are no names, phone numbers, or even emails. Bitcoin is also not controlled by the state, so there are no prohibitions on making payments.

But the main disadvantage of Bitcoin deposits in online casinos is time. An indefinite waiting time makes the method less attractive. Moreover, the price may not already be the lowest, plus the player is exposed to additional risk due to the instability of the bitcoin exchange rate.